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World-oriented sending from KUNOHE Village


    One old business card, I have held 35 years, maybe more, that become to be a reason of straggle on to the company KUNOHE SEIMITSU Co, Ltd now. The card brought me to start friend ship and mutual relationship which was from a small chance of small business meeting. However and since after 13 years passed, I could see and know the engineers of super precision turning process technologies and its factory. That brought me many appreciative friends and then that was connected to know and understand KUNOHESEIMITSU where I got acceptance to work colleagues together there.

   KUNOHESEIMITSU Co. Ltd. The main business shaft to be developed by super precise turning process technologies for watch component producing is a productization for metal turning processed components by superfine automatic lathe, and for automatic or semiautomatic various components assembling. For instance, it is an assemble productization of spring probes by turning process for barrel and plunger and its assembling with fine spring component, and also turning processed component business for various kind of metal, difficult-to-machine material, alloy material combined with super reliable surface finish process. It is depending on material tuning process condition but we are able to respond to any inquiry for entirely fine machining technologies, for instance of turning process for a plunger under 80 μm diameter, and a couple of μm tolerance accuracy on volume component production. The business development based on quality and reliability are brought from Automatic Lathe & CNC Automatic Lathe which total number is a hundred and couple of tenth machines, which are several millions/month of production capacity also qualified by Automatic Assembling Equipment, SEM and X’lay Analysis Equipment. It is supported by construction of organization as 4 Rings linkage. They are 1st.Sales/CS actively and careful attention, 2nd.Products Engineering & Development focused a target of innovation based on foundation of actual result, 3rd.Machining and Manufacturing by polite production and process and 4th.Quality Control standing on reliability which have mutually informed and communicated to share right understanding together for all to respond and gives best answer for customer’s request. Total solution force on Engineering & Manufacturing generating from Japan, that is Kunohe Village, Kunohegun, Iwate Pref. production is raw ore and foundation to jump up and world-oriented sending from Kunohe.

   One old business card, it is a like jewelry introduced me to KUNOHESEIMITSU. On the other hand for KUNOHESEIMITSU, it is provisions to create the will for new challenge by like jewelry for each work person’s foundation grown from experiences, history, encounter and also relationship. KUNOHESEIMITSU proud to express our determination to create its new history with all of the people known relation which is to reach the happy for all of the staff each, heading to get confidence and significance for contribution to society.

     President & CEO
     Tatsumi Watabe
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