Cutting Parts

We supply a wide range of precision parts for automotive, watch, and electronic device industries. Specializing in miniature parts, we are particularly focused on sizes below φ20mm.

Creating Added Value

  • We actively prototype and try special shapes and hard-to-machine materials.
  • Specialized in fine machining processes (Machining diameters: φ0.05~20mm).
  • We meet our customers' needs with our extensive machining experience and knowledge.


Our skilled machinists, equipped with both technology and experience, enable us to perform challenging machining processes and achieve high quality.
We are also committed to the training of young technicians for the inheritance of our core cutting technology.

We have introduced a machining center and are taking on new challenges in cutting processing.

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    Kunohe Seimitsu Co., Ltd.

  • Head Office: 30-2, Esashiya 10, Kunohe-mura, Kunohe-gun, Iwate Prefecture
  • TEL:0195-42-2821 FAX:0195-42-3556
  • Morioka Factory: 5-2-15 Mitake, Morioka City, Iwate Prefecture
  • TEL:019-613-3466 FAX:019-613-3588