Spring Mini Probe

The probes we manufacture are mainly OEM products and are used for wafer tests and final tests in the semiconductor industry. We specialize in pitches smaller than 0.5mm.

Creating Added Value

  • Our integrated system from design to assembly enables the production of high-quality probes.
  • We can meet all needs, from mass production using our in-house automatic assembly machines to small-scale production by hand.
  • For resistance/load, we can perform full measurements using our in-house automatic resistance and load measuring machines.
  • Capable of mass-producing probes with an external diameter starting from φ0.11mm.


We utilize 2D CAD/3D CAD to design based on customer requirements and specifications.

For mass production of items over φ0.3mm, we assemble using our in-house automatic assembly machines. By streamlining the process, we are able to maintain domestic production.


Due to the increasing demand for delicate probe specifications, probe assembly is conducted in a cleanroom.

The foundation of Kunohe Precision's precise assembly is the two-way tweezer technique.


We can perform full measurements of resistance and load using our in-house automatic resistance and load measuring machine.

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